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  1. 1: Welcome to the Course

  2. 2: Building Foundations

  3. 3: Lifestyle Changes

  4. 4: Coping Techniques

  5. 5: Reframing Negative Thoughts

  6. 6: Avoidance and Exposure

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  • Demystify Anxiety

    Wondering why you're feeling this way or whether you'll be struggling with these issues forever? Anxiety becomes a lot less scary when you start to understand it.

  • Optimize Your Brain

    Could last week's breakfast be causing you anxiety? Learn about the sneaky habits that increase anxiety levels, and hack your routine to feel better than ever before.

  • Live Fearlessly

    Have you ever bailed on a first date, job interview, or presentation? Gain the tools to stop avoiding your fears. Conquer them with confidence to become your best self.

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